Here's some of what you can expect

The Sneaker

Loves the extras

Loves getting free chapters, alternate endings, and getting to voice her thoughts on proposed back of the book blurbs and more.

The Fan

Loves knowing first

Loves having a chance to get the latest on what's being written, when it's coming out, and discovering other authors and deals.

The Writer

Loves being inspired

Loves seeing ideas become novels, hearing about the successes and lessons learned, and other insights.

About the author

Adam Dreece

Adam Dreece is an Amazon #1 best-selling indie author. He's written the hit steampunk meets fairy tale series, The Yellow Hoods, the rave-reviewed post-apocalyptic fantasy series The Wizard Killer – Season One, and his all-new best-selling science fiction novel, The Man of Cloud 9.

When the Canadian author isn't taking care of his three kids, he can be found at coffee shops writing, or at schools and conventions giving funny and inspirational talks about writing and overcoming personal challenges. 

He lives in Calgary, Alberta, Canada with his family.